About us

Who we are

We are a purpose driven networking platform exclusively for the initiatives taken to strengthen, expand and amplify current social development initiatives from the status quo.

We are a social enterprise leveraging the power of networking and collective efforts to achieve the common good.

We are a group of passionate individuals who strives to achieve positive social impact in the society through the use of technology and innovation.

We come into life from the inspiration and honor for organizations and people working towards the social development sector. This is the place where all the stakeholders of development sector, with shared vision, come together, and dovetail & exchange their vision with other potential partner organizations and people.

Why we exist

Web Of NGOs is fascinated by the work of many grass root organizations, and their relentless efforts to empower the bottom of the pyramid community regardless of the challenges, but despite having the noble goals, they struggle to strive due to various reasons, majorly financial reasons, and on the other hand, there are many experienced professionals, willing to contribute their expertise for the betterment of the society, but unable to find a way to reach out to the bottom of the pyramid. Hence, we decided to provide them a platform for the resilient organizations and passionate individuals to come together and work for the common goal.

Web Of NGOs gets inspired by great CSR initiatives taken by corporates, and innovative social development projects undertaken at the grass root level by NGOs & Social Enterprises. We always wondered what If they coalesced, and worked to achieve common goals, since they share common vision, no social problem can stand a chance. However, there is a wall between these stakeholders, to reach out to each other, in the form of inaccessibility. WONs runs gigantic network of authentic and efficient NGOs and social enterprises with their proven track record, and help Corporates to dovetail with the best organization available for their CSR projects.

Looking at the problem, we decided to grab the opportunity to contribute to their goals, and add more values into their existing mission in giving back to the society, and came up with idea of a unique platform ubiquitously recognized as 'Web Of NGOs.' Till date Web Of NGOs has network of more than 200+ NGOs, 50+ Freelancers, and 50+ Social Enterprises working pan India. If you are not there, what are you waiting for? Do join the community, and get assured results for your CSR or sustainability related matters.

About Web of NGOs
Our Vision

Web Of NGOs plays pivotal role among the stakeholders of development sector, and channelize their collective efforts towards more sustainable and resilient future.

Our Mission

• To enhance and strengthen current CSR & CER initiatives, and make them able to reach the last mile.
• To strengthen the development sector through capacity building and networking with stakeholders.
• To coalesce technology and innovation with social impact to achieve greater good at scale.